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Our team is the backbone of our business, unified by shared principles cultivated throughout our careers in the food and service industry. With extensive experience in the people-centric sector, we believe our work extends beyond staffing. We strive to serve as an exemplary model for our valued employees and clients alike.

Jose Badillo

Jose Badillo is the Owner, President, and CEO of Advance Staffing, Inc. Over the past 9 years, he has steered the company's growth with a strong emphasis on deep-rooted values, fostering a supportive company culture, and genuine care for both clients and staff.

Jose's career in the service industry began humbly as a catering attendant, where he spent 18 years honing his skills and commitment to hospitality excellence. His passion lies in serving others and ensuring exceptional experiences and outcomes for all.

With extensive experience managing major food service facilities and working with Fortune 500 companies, Jose has demonstrated his unwavering dedication to advancing the service industry. Advance Staffing, Inc. under his leadership, excels in providing staffing solutions for a wide range of events, from large-scale stadium events and festivals to small, intimate venues, ensuring every occasion is unforgettable.

Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez, a native of Mountain View, has been an integral part of Advance Staffing, Inc. since July 2015. Before joining us, I gained valuable insight and experience while working directly for one of our clients in the corporate dining sector, where I developed a deep understanding of their unique needs.

As General Manager, I fulfill various roles as needed, including staffing management, client relations, payroll processing, invoicing, filing, and managing workers' compensation claims.

He credits Advance Staffing, Inc. for growing him personally and professionally.

Nelly A. Hau

Nelly Hau, a San Jose native, with over 20 years of experience as a bookkeeper, oversees comprehensive financial responsibilities including data management, ledger entries, report generation, and invoicing.

Before joining Advance Staffing, I spent 20 years at Eurest Dining Services, where I managed financial operations for multiple corporate dining accounts, honing my expertise in financial management within the hospitality sector.

Outside of work, she indulges in my passion for arts and crafts.

Oscar Ornelas

Oscar, a native of San Jose, began his career at the age of 15 at McDonald's, where he quickly rose to a leadership position. During his time there, he discovered his passion for hospitality and customer service, enjoying building relationships with regulars and finding fulfillment in providing excellent service.

Seeking to explore new opportunities, Oscar transitioned to Joann Fabrics and Craft Stores to try his hand at retail but found it didn't resonate with him in the same way.

Returning to his passion, Oscar joined Compass Group as a front-of-house supervisor and also took on the role of marketing champion. His dedication and capabilities led to rapid advancement to food service manager and subsequently director of operations.

After a successful tenure in the corporate cafe sector, Oscar sought a new challenge while still staying true to his passion. He transitioned to Advance Staffing Inc. as the client relations manager, where he excels in building strong client relationships and meeting their staffing needs with precision.

Oscar finds great joy in spending time with his family and supporting his five children in school sports activities.

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