A Team To Build
The Dream.

Our team holds the fabrics of our business together through valued principals we all share throughout our careers in the food, and service industry. With years of experience in the "people" business, we like to think there's more to what we do than just staffing, and lead our team as an exemplary model for the valued employees we serve along side, and our clients.

Jose Badillo

Jose is the Owner of Advance Staffing, Inc. and for over the last 5 years he has grown the company year after year through company culture, and deep rooted values in providing the best service for his clients.

His experience with high profile Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, and SAP over the past decade as CEO of Advance Staffing, Inc. have demonstrated his determination for excellence in the service industry, providing as much as 300 employees at corporate campuses located in all throughout the Silicon Valley.

His dedication to providing employees work were exemplified by his generosity to provide urgently needed labor during the pandemic at a local non-profit organization to provide groceries to over 3,000 families each week throughout the pandemic in San Jose, CA.

By cultivating a company culture of servicing others with steadfast results, his staffing agency was able to continue to provide work for his staff while providing more than $1.5M in labor for the non-profit to help those needing assistance in the area receive their free groceries.


Jose Martinez

With over 12 years of corporate dining experience, Jose Martinez, has demonstrated exceptional leadership as both a staffing manager, and the Secretary of Advance Staffing, Inc.

For the last 5 years Jose has accelerated the growth of the business through his veteran managing techniques, and handling of corporate accounts. Through his expertise in managing teams, large scale events, and banquets, it has made him an absolute essential part of our continued success as a staffing company.


Nelly A. Hau

Nelly has over 20 years of food and beverage industry experience, with 15 of those years in corporate dining. Her attention to detail has excelled her career as a bookkeeper with extraordinary experience in managing finances for multiple corporate accounts throughout her career as a bookkeeper. Since joining Advance Staffing, Inc. in 2017, she has consistently delivered on accurately balancing finances for the agency year after year, reassuring our accountability, and precision throughout the entire organization.


Martha Galvan

As Administrative Assistant, Martha has become a stellar communicator amongst the team, and the entire organization. Martha joined the team in 2017 for her ability to seek out results for our clients and employees. With her valued skills in account management, she has now become an asset in assisting new company accounts, and assisting in the growth of our staffing agency.


Luis Ochoa

As Creative Director, Luis has introduced new advertising strategies for Advance Staffing, Inc's brand, and implemented digital recruitment marketing campaigns for the organizations ongoing efforts to find the best employees to work for the agency. He collaborates wit the team to organize highly targeted campaigns, and oversees analytical data for the company's overall success, and revenue growth.